Sound In Recovery Program
Break the Pain Cycle!

Is emotional or physical pain keeping you in a state of constant stress? Or is your stress feeding your pain?

Is this pain cycle preventing you from living the life of sobriety you desire?

The Sound In Recovery program will help you to break the pain cycle once and for all!

" I have struggled in my sobriety with severe depression. In the last 3 weeks, I have taken the journey with vibration therapy at The Sound Code. The shift has been so profound, so deep. I finally feel relief in a way like never before. It's incredible...I am so grateful to you Sharada for sharing your gift of sound with me". Cris, 35

Sound-based technology along with powerful guided imagery and emotional freedom techniques remove negative cellular, emotional and mental patterning. This clearing allows room for a new shift to take hold. A shift based on living a life of clear intention, motivation and optimal wellness!

A sound-based holistic approach is a safe and effective alternative to harmful, addictive medication and it offers bio-energetic complete support for nurturing the body, mind and spirit.

Our Sound In Recovery Program provides clients with:
- Support for chronic stress
- Non-addictive pain relief
- Release of negative emotional and behavioral patterns
- Deep relaxation
- Focused intention and motivation building
- Meridian and energy body balancing
- Cellular detox and cellular optimization
- Resonant frequencies for vibrant health and peace of mind

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