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Vibrational Medicine for Better Health

Is the news of the world bringing you down? The state of politics, violence, and natural disasters can move us into a state of high alert and fear. The fear vibration is an extremely low frequency and if we stay there for too long it will inevitably bring us down along with it.
At The Sound Code we understand the deleterious effects of lowered vibrational states on physiology: the immune system becomes suppressed, inflammation proliferates, mental, physical and emotional pain take up residence.
Better health and balanced living can begin once we move from lower emotional frequencies such as fear and grief to higher emotional frequency states such as love, trust and gratitude. A vibrational shift can mean the difference between simply trudging along in your daily life to that of living a life of vibrant health and joy! Make the shift today. Save 10% when you book any sound and vibrational therapy online.

The Power of Intention

What makes vibrational healing even more powerful?


Thoughts are a form of energy. Intentions are laser like focused thoughts, prayers or goals with a specific outcome in mind. When we are connected to a clear intention for healing what ails us then as the law of vibration would have it we begin to connect and attract with all that we want to manifest.

Sound and vibration help to amplify our healing intentions. In a state of deep relaxation we can connect with Source energy or to a power much greater than ourselves. Sound and Earth healing frequencies boost our awareness and focus so that we can create and hold in place a clear intention for healing.

Research has shown that our thoughts hold great power. The link between our immunity and thoughts is well documented under the field of psychoneuroimmunology. It is important to take the time before any healing session to focus on Your Intention. At The Sound Code we take the time to discover your personal healing intention before each session to compliment and amplify the healing vibrations received.

Anti-Aging the Natural Way

People have been chasing the fountain of youth, without much luck, since the dawn of civilization. PEMF and Cymatics offers some of the best anti-aging technology on the market today.
Cymatic and PEMF frequencies encourage healthy cellular cleansing, increased cellular energy, and enhanced cellular performance. All of this equals to healthy cells, a youthful appearance and a healthier more energetic you!
Enjoy an Anti-aging Facial Rejuvenation session that includes vibrational therapy + facial reflexology stimulation with high frequency essential oils.
This relaxing session will leave you feeling delightfully younger without the use of toxic injections or painful facial procedures.Book online and enjoy 10% off your first session.

Sound and Vibrational Healing

Everything in the universe vibrates and therefore produces sound. This is true from the food that we eat…. thoughts we think…. cells in our body the pulse of our planet. Imagine all the cells of your body producing a symphony of sound!

Healthy cells vibrate at a different frequency to unhealthy or stressed cells. This was proven by UCLA nano technology researcher,James Gimzewski. He was able to record the sound of distressed yeast cells with specialized microphones and amplifiers. His groundbreaking discovery could have enormous consequences for the future of cancer and other disease diagnosis. Imagine being able to diagnose disease simply be listening to cellular sounds?

Sound and vibrational medicine is an alternative therapy that uses specific tones and frequencies to reduce the physiological stress response, decrease inflammation and introduce coherency where there is incoherence in our bodily systems.Edgar Cayce, the modern day psychic said that “sound will be the medicine of the future”. The Sound Code believes the future is now!

Expand Your Consciousness

Imagine living a life in alignment with Mother Earth. Imagine being able to connect to a healing power greater than yourself? Imagine feeling a sense of interconnectedness with all of life around you? Why simply imagine when you can experience it first hand?
Sound and vibrational healing offer a direct pathway for expanding consciousness. As we open ourselves up to the possibility of healing- beneficial frequencies allow for us to experience deep relaxation, greater insight, creativity and an inner vibrancy that translates to overall wellness and a profound sense of peace. Are you ready for a shift in consciousness?

Sound & Vibration Offer Natural Pain Relief

The addiction pandemic to pain killers along with the dangerous side effects of anxiety and depression medication have many Americans looking for holistic and natural approaches for addressing physical, mental or emotional pain.

Sound healing and Vibration therapy can be used as either an alternative to Western Medicine or as a compliment to it. Cymatics (Sound based waves) and Earth based Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field (PEMF) frequencies recharge and rejuvenate the body and mind from the inside out. PEMF is safe and has over 2000 medical published studies that prove its effectiveness in addressing many health concerns. Cymatics originated in the UK and has been used with positive results for over 40 years. Together PEMF and Cymatics provide natural pain relief that is effective, safe and long lasting.