I believe that sound can play a role in virtually any medical disorder,
since it redresses imbalances on every level of physiologic functioning

- Dr. Mitchell Gaynor, Oncologist


Anti-aging frequencies optimize cellular function to support major body systems. Target acute or chronic stress, pain and inflammation naturally


Free yourself from toxic emotions, the obsession and thought–driven pain cycles associated with addiction recovery.

Customized sound healing programs are designed to support your unique wellness and/or transformational goals. A consultation and body tuning session determine the best program to support your highest unfoldment.

Sound frequency technology is a safe, non-invasive method that addresses imbalances in the body before they can manifest into serious dis-ease. Sound frequencies are complimentary with western medicine. They are also perfect for those seeking an alternate approach towards total body health.

Our integrative 6-8 week program bridges the science of frequency elevation with purposeful intention. Intention has long been held as an amplifier for what is focused, visualized and desired upon in terms of enhancing personal health. Even though sound therapy has been shown to have highly effective results on its own for addressing various health issues, the power of intention both on the part of the practitioner and the client greatly amplifies desired results. Holding a strong intention also changes the vibration of the subconscious mind to facilitate personal growth and transformation.

“Only when we are able to voice the seed of our conscious intention to the world can that seed be free to blossom and support us in our desire to achieve healthier and happier lives”, Deepak Chopra