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This Is Recovery
Now What?

You work hard. You’ve done the 12-steps or other recovery support programs, many kinds of therapy, self-help books and podcasts. You’ve tried prayer, yoga and meditation. You try to eat right and exercise and it all helps to keep you sober but you find that things still aren’t quite right.

You find yourself stuck in an emotional pain and stress cycle

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Stressful emotions such as fear, resentment, sadness, hopelessness, worry, guilt, shame and anger cause you to self-sabotage, turn to alternate vices, quietly despair, obsess and question whether this is as good as it will ever get.

When experiencing emotional or physical pain you know that you don’t want to compromise your sobriety with addictive or mood altering medications.

The Sound In Recovery program will help you to break the pain cycle once and for all! Start living the life you desire. A life defined by ease, joy, self-love, motivation, meaning and true serenity.

Shift Your Frequency – Change Your Life!

The law of vibration states that all material things vibrate at a particular frequency. This includes your mind and body. Your emotions and thoughts effect your body and your body effects your mind.

If you don’t like the frequency at which your emotions or thinking are stuck in then change it. If you don’t like the frequency that your body is stuck in then change that frequency. Feel what it’s like to truly transform toxic mind-body patterns on the cellular and sub-conscious level.

Sound In Recovery

is a deep healing 8-week frequency shifting program that provides:

– Alternative support for chronic stress, anxiety or low mood
– Non-addictive pain relief
– Release of negative emotional and behavioral patterns
– Deep relaxation
– Focused intention and motivation building
– Meridian and energy body balancing
– Cellular detox and optimization
– Deep healing on the etheric, subconscious and soul level
– Resonant frequencies for vibrant health and peace of mind
– Vibrational Life Coaching provides every day tools for lasting results

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