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Energy Healing w/ Cymatherapy & PEMF

Single session or Month Long Program 

Targets Stress, Pain & Inflammation

1. Vibro-Acoustic Technology includes Cymatherapy, PEMF, Tuning Forks, Crystal bowls, gongs and other harmonizing instruments. 
2. Intuitive sound healing practitioner will utilize Reiki and other healing techniques, focused intention, mindfulness coaching & subconscious reprogramming.
3. Vibrational Life Coaching

Each session is approximately 45 min.

Our most popular service offers holistic support for the:

Physical body
• Anti-Aging, Pain, inflammation, arthritis, rheumatism, back, foot, muscular and joint, headaches, swelling, tension. Major systems: digestive, circulatory, immune, respiratory, nervous

Emotional body
• Acute and chronic stress. Low mood, anxiety. Transform negative emotional set-points to high frequency living.

Mental body
• Focus, memory, creativity, clarity of mind, productivity, coherence

Cymatic sound frequencies are received through reflexology points of the feet and Pulse Electromagnetic Field frequencies are delivered as you fully relax. Guided visualization and energy work facilitate the healing process by bridging the Mind-Body-Spirit connection.

Attend two or three times per week. Sound entrainment is a cumulative process. Most people see results within the first 2 weeks. Sustain your new frequency by committing to this deep energetic month long healing process. 4-8 week program.

“I have struggled with severe depression. In the last 3 weeks, I have taken the journey with vibration therapy through The Sound Code. The shift has been so profound, so deep. I finally feel relief in a way like never before. It’s incredible… I am so grateful to you Sharada for sharing your gift of sound with me”. Cristina Meadows, 36

Cymatherapy + PEMF

Month long wellness support

1. Vibro-Acoustic Technology includes Cymatherapy & PEMF frequency support
2. Guided Relaxation

For those who simply want to receive the benefits of sound and vibration technology without the deeper one-on-one energy healing work. These sessions are 30 -45 min in length.

Start with a consultation and meridian balancing session to determine your unique customized 4-8 week long protocol for best supporting your wellness goals.

Cymatherapy and PEMF
• Have over 50 years of case study success
• Are safe and non-invasive.
• There are over 2000 published clinical studies on the effectiveness of PEMF.

See many published reports on the effectiveness of PEMF:
Pemf and depression study: Source: Rapid mood-elevating effects of low field magnetic stimulation in depression. Rohan ML, Yamamoto RT, Ravichandran CT, Cayetano KR, Morales OG, Olson DP, Vitaliano G, Paul SM, Cohen BM. Biol Psychiatry. 2014 Aug 1;76(3):186-93.


Sound In Recovery

Shift Negative Thought and Emotional Patterns. Recover your life-force.
Intro session with consultation is 60 minutes

Disrupt and unblock trapped negative emotional or thinking patterns that prevent you from living the life you desire. Specific frequencies, guided imagery, emotional freedom techniques and breathwork facilitate the removal of deeply embedded negative patterning to allow room for clear intention, motivation and vibrant living. PEMF, Cymatic technology,and traditional sound healing techniques address physical and emotional pain while simultaneously optimizing overall wellness and calm.

Start to address what no longer serves you. Experience a sense of lightness and well-being that accompanies personal growth, transformation and high frequency living.

Perfect for those experiencing:
• Static negative emotions
• Self-defeating thought patterns
• Pain
• Emotional distress
• Lack of self-worth
• Self-sabotaging behavior
• Lack of motivation

Optional* Session cost may be applied to any one-month Sound In
Recovery series package when you commit to explore deeper levels of vibrational shifting.  This program is for anyone who wants to commit to deeper levels of healing.

Chakra Balancing w/ Harmonizing Frequencies

45 min

Assess your energy body state of flow.  Clear and energize major and minor chakra centers to return to a natural state of balance, harmony, and energetic alignment with the universe.

The Chakras and Meridians correlate with how energy flows in the body and they have certain physical and emotional attributes. Low energy and draining emotions will usually surface when there is a physical weakness in the body’s energy system and vice versa. If you have certain recurring draining emotions or if you are feeling aches, stiffness or a lack of energy and drive a chakra and meridian balancing session can help to release stagnation while bringing you back to a place of balance.

Each session includes chakra assessment, intuitive energy work, Cymatic harmonizing and grounding frequencies all as you relax lying down.