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The Law of Vibration

sand-300x200Everything in the universe vibrates at a particular sonic frequency. This is true of a grain of sand to The Big Bang. Our body, emotions and thoughts pulsate as well. Heart cells vibrate at a different frequency than brain cells. The emotion of fear is lower in frequency than that of love. Negative stress, trauma, injury, pollution, abuse, negative thinking and harmful addictions can significantly weaken our bio-energetic sonic output.

Illness and Dis-ease

When the body’s cells and tissues deviate from their primary or optimal resonant frequencies, symptoms show up as anxiety, depression, inflammation, pain, out-ward signs of aging, illness and dis-ease.

If you don’t like the frequency at which your body or thoughts are stuck in – then change it with The Sound Code. Once you change these stuck frequencies you will start to feel better!

We combine modern healing instruments such as advanced digital Cymatic Therapy and PEMF technology with ancient energetic and spiritual principles such as guided imagery and positive intention to support you in achieving a balanced and radiant life. Our holistic, integrative mind-body approach to healing is complimentary to traditional western medicine. It is also effective as a stand alone alternative approach in addressing symptoms of many conditions such as:

Pain, inflammation, arthritis, osteoporosis, anxiety, depression, ADHD or brain fog, PTSD, aging, addiction recovery and most conditions resulting from the dysfunction or weakening of the major body systems including digestive, circulatory, immune, respiratory or nervous systems.

The images below shows the dramatic reduction of inflammation in the legs and breast tissue of clients suffering from chronic inflammation before and after Cymatherapy using the AMI 750 device.

thesoundcode-whysound-photo1-640x385-1 thesoundcode-whysound-photo2-640x385-1


We all know that nutritious food, clean water, air and exercise are essential for health. What many people don’t know is that exposure to the Earth’s core Geomagnetic fields and the ionosphere’s Schumann Resonance fields are also NEEDED for human health.

Modern day living disrupts our connection to Earth PEMF’s. This happens because we spend about 90% of the time indoors and we are constantly surrounded by competing frequencies from cell phones, power lines, wi-fi, bluetooth, computers and TV.

Lack of exposure to PEMF’s causes a weakening of cellular function and metabolism and can lead to many health problems such as inflammation, pain, bone and muscle loss, depression, headaches, fatigue and emotional distress. Studies have shown inflammation to be the leading factor in most illness and disease.

PEMF Benefits:
• Reduced pain and inflammation
• Increase in tissue oxygenation
• Improvement in blood circulation and lymphatic flow
• Bone regeneration
• Soft tissue regeneration
• Enhanced cellular performance
• Muscle relaxation
• Reduction in swelling
• Accelerates injury and healing recovery time (bones, nerves, cartilage, soft tissue etc)
• Improves brain function: memory, focus, alpha wave increase


This is just a small sample of benefits of what PEMF offers. There have been over 10,000 research studies on PEMF and 2000 double blind studies. If you are interested in seeing some of these studies you may visit