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Sound and Vibrational Healing

Everything in the universe vibrates and therefore produces sound. This is true from the food that we eat…. thoughts we think…. cells in our body the pulse of our planet. Imagine all the cells of your body producing a symphony of sound!

Healthy cells vibrate at a different frequency to unhealthy or stressed cells. This was proven by UCLA nano technology researcher,James Gimzewski. He was able to record the sound of distressed yeast cells with specialized microphones and amplifiers. His groundbreaking discovery could have enormous consequences for the future of cancer and other disease diagnosis. Imagine being able to diagnose disease simply be listening to cellular sounds?

Sound and vibrational medicine is an alternative therapy that uses specific tones and frequencies to reduce the physiological stress response, decrease inflammation and introduce coherency where there is incoherence in our bodily systems.Edgar Cayce, the modern day psychic said that “sound will be the medicine of the future”. The Sound Code believes the future is now!

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