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The Power of Intention

What makes vibrational healing even more powerful?


Thoughts are a form of energy. Intentions are laser like focused thoughts, prayers or goals with a specific outcome in mind. When we are connected to a clear intention for healing what ails us then as the law of vibration would have it we begin to connect and attract with all that we want to manifest.

Sound and vibration help to amplify our healing intentions. In a state of deep relaxation we can connect with Source energy or to a power much greater than ourselves. Sound and Earth healing frequencies boost our awareness and focus so that we can create and hold in place a clear intention for healing.

Research has shown that our thoughts hold great power. The link between our immunity and thoughts is well documented under the field of psychoneuroimmunology. It is important to take the time before any healing session to focus on Your Intention. At The Sound Code we take the time to discover your personal healing intention before each session to compliment and amplify the healing vibrations received.

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